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Revolution Street

Event Recap

November 11, 2014 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Amir Hassan Cheheltan
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Iranian Studies Program

Amir Hassan Cheheltan was born in Tehran in 1956. He has published nine novels, six volumes of short stories, and a screenplay. In each he has tried to navigate the treacherous waters of censorship. In his writing, the issues of everyday life and survival in Iran are central themes. These lives unfold against the background of the country's unsettled history and the interaction of religion, state and modernization. Cheheltan's most recent novel Revolution Street, is his first major publication in German. The protagonist is an ambivalent plastic surgeon, specializing in hymen repair. The constant tension between tradition and modernity, evident throughout Iran, also affects his clinic. The contrast between traditional sense of honor and women's actual lives permeate his narrative. Some of his novels have been translated into English,German, Norwegian, Arablic and Hebrew. Cheheltan has been granted fellowship Residency in Italy, Germany and the US. He lives in Tehran and runs a creative writing workshop there

Lecture in EnglishBook Sale and Signing at the Event Event is free and open to the public

Pigott Hall, Room 113
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