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Iranian Studies Program cultivates student’s passion for history

Anna Polishchuk’s interest in Stanford’s Iranian Studies Program led her to archival collections at the Hoover Institution to examine top-secret Soviet documents related to the Iranian Revolution.

Image credit: L.A. Cicero via Stanford News
Feb 23 2017

By Alex Shashkevich

"As an undergraduate in the Iranian Studies Program, Anna Polishchuk translated top-secret documents from the Soviet Union as she researched the relationship between Iran’s pro-communist groups and the Soviets during the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Anna Polishchuk has been interested in history, arts and culture since she can remember. But when she stepped onto the Stanford campus for the first time in 2011, she wasn’t sure what path her studies would take. “I took whatever classes I found interesting,” Polishchuk said.

She didn’t expect that about four years later she would be studying top-secret documents from the Soviet Union about the Iranian Revolution of 1979 in the basement of the Hoover Institution."

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