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New Annual "Christine Mona Khademi" Lecture Established

Christine Mona Khademi

Christine Mona Khademi ('12). Photo credit and copyright: Monib Khademi

We are pleased to announce a new annual lecture titled the "Christine Mona Khademi Lecture" has been made possible through a generous gift from Monib Khademi, MBA '90, to the Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies at Stanford University. In memory of Christine, B.S. '12, the lecture seeks to support and highlight the work of women in particular who are making substantial contributions to Iranian culture and society in the fields of politics, science, technology, public service, art, or culture. We are also grateful to Mr. Khademi for his ongoing support of academic programming promoting peace and democracy in Iran and around the world. 

The inaugural "Christine Mona Khademi" lecture will delivered by Dr. Maryam Shanechi on Thursday, May 16, 2024. 

Christine Mona Khademi (1989-2013) graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in biology with honors in 2012. Monib Khademi earned his B.S. from MIT in 1969 and founded the first computer science college in Tehran, Iran in 1973. He earned his MBA from Stanford in 1990 and is the parent of three Stanford graduates. Monib is the founder of Cypress Praxis and has been managing it since 1992.