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Stanford Libraries, Hoover Institution gather thousands of archival materials on Iran

Hoover Institution archives include posters from the 1979 Iranian Revolution. (Image credit: Hoover Institution Archives)

May 10 2017

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By Alex Shashkevich

Stanford has amassed thousands of Persian books, official documents, letters, multimedia pieces and other materials related to Iran’s history, politics and culture.

The collections, held at the Stanford University Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives, were expanded after the Iranian Studies program was established under the leadership of Professor Abbas Milani.

“The current regime in Iran doesn’t make it easy to collect documents and materials,” said Milani, who was personally involved in obtaining some of the archives. “That’s why it’s important for our program to obtain and preserve as many pieces of history as we can. Our plan is to digitize everything we have acquired and make it available to all future scholars.”