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Stanford Scholars on the US Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal

May 10 2018

On May 8, President Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose strict sanctions. The future of the JCPOA, negotiated under the Obama administration with the P5+1 and the European Union, remains uncertain. 

Stanford scholars Siegfried Hecker, Abbas Milani, and Allen Weiner debate whether the Iran nuclear deal can withstand U.S. withdrawal, if a revitalized nuclear program is possible and what a new deal would look like. 

Iranian Studies director, Abbas Milani, writes in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is "arguably the worst policy option for addressing problems in what was the least-bad possible deal when it was signed."

Pooya Azadi, of the Stanford Iran 2040 Project, shares his thoughts on what's on the horizon for Iran's economy, in light of looming US sanctions. 


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