Anita Taft

Graduation Year

Anita Taft (‘24) is a Human Biology major with a concentration in Reproductive Medicine, Justice, and Ethics, and a minor in Iranian Studies. As an undergraduate, she serves as a student manager for the Cardinal Free Clinics, which provides culturally appropriate, high quality transitional medical care for uninsured patients. At the intersection of Global Studies and medicine, she hopes to one day serve in Doctors Without Borders-applying her learned knowledge of the rich cultural and historical legacy of Iran. 

Taught by the gracious Professor Emami, analyzing modern Iranian feminist literature has been one of her favorite classes. “The class is like no other: I leave each discussion feeling incredibly energized by the resistance and autonomy of female trailblazers and strive to do the same. It has also been such a privilege to take courses here where I can research Iran’s public health policy from abortion access to HIV stigma. The liberty the classes provide for independent exploration is incredibly encouraging and I am forever grateful.”

The Iranian studies program has consistently reminded her of how proud she is to be the daughter of Iranian immigrants and she looks forward to continuing learning more about her heritage from poetry to Persian cuisine.