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Persiana Saffari (2020)

Persiana Saffari

Persiana Saffari (2020)

Persiana Saffari (class of 2020) graduated with a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford. Having devoted herself to cancer research and medical device design, Persiana plans to attend medical school to pursue her passion of producing breakthrough innovations for vulnerable patient populations. Persiana's efforts have led to the discovery of recurrent activating mutations in ameloblastoma, a rare type of odontogenic cancer, as well as the development of new modalities on existing medical devices in otolaryngology.

Believing that Stanford's strength lies in its interdisciplinary nature, she has enjoyed exploring disciplines outside of STEM. As the daughter of Iranian immigrants, Persiana has held an enduring interest in her heritage from a young age, when she often listened to Maestro Shajarian and crafted homemade Persian bastani. The Global Studies department allowed Persiana to find a home within the Iranian Studies program. She treasures the opportunity to learn about the rich history of Iranian art, music, and literature, and hopes to use this knowledge to give back to the Iranian community. "I consider myself truly fortunate to have been the student of Professor Milani and Director Beyzaie, both of whom have contributed immeasurably to Iranian culture and its dissemination across top academic institutions. It is my mission to give as much back to the Persian community as their extraordinary tutelage has given me."


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