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Research and Archives


Helping Stanford University Libraries expand their holdings on modern Iranian history and culture is an essential part of the Program's work. Stanford's many libraries and archives offer a growing and unique collection of books, documents, photographs, posters, and private papers on modern Iran. 

Ardeshir Zahedi

Zahedi Archive

A pivotal figure in modern Iranian politics, Ardeshir Zahedi, the former Foreign Minister under the Shah and Iran's ambassador to the U.S. from 1971-1979, donated his rare papers, diplomatic correspondence, and photos to the Hoover Archives.
Houshang Golshiri

Golshiri Collected Papers

The collected papers of Houshang Golshiri, Iran’s acclaimed writer, were donated to Stanford's Green Library. This is one of the most substantial and important papers of any modern Iranian writer available in the United States, and indeed outside Iran.
Shahrokh Meskoob

Meskoob Archive

Archive of the papers of Shahrokh Meskoob, one of modern Iran’s most respected and acclaimed public intellectuals, literary critics, memoirists, and Shahnameh scholar and commentator.
The Shah book cover

Pahlavi Iran Collection

Stanford's Green Library includes extensive declassified material from the British, U.S., and German archives collected over the years by Dr. Abbas Milani in preparation for several of his books on modern Iranian culture and history.



About the Fellowship

The Zahedi Family Fellowship is a twelve-week residential fellowship focusing on the new Zahedi Archive (which includes both diplomatic correspondence and collected photos) at Stanford University’s Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies. The Zahedi Fellow is expected to pursue their independent research in residency and to hold a lecture, seminar or workshop on their research. 

The fellowship funds international travel, health insurance, and visa support, in addition to a $12,000 stipend for living expenses. Fluency in Persian and terminal degree or equivalent experience is required. 


Ardeshir Zahedi


Student Research

Limited and competitive funding is available for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying Iranian history, politics, cultures, and languages during the summer or academic year. 

Past  projects have included: 

Jack Hennessy

“[This project] was an incredible capstone experience to my Stanford career. Being able to apply the knowledge I had gained in Iranian Studies courses to a novel research topic has been truly rewarding.”

Jack Hennessy (2016)