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Undergraduate Minor

The minor in Global Studies, with a specialization in Iranian Studies, is designed for Stanford University undergraduate students who have an interdisciplinary interest in the history, culture, politics, societies, and languages of Iran.  

Students with minor degrees

A pivotal country in the critical region of the Middle East, the minor focuses on the study of modern Iran and prepares students for careers in policy, government, business, research, teaching, and more. Students explore the rich and complex history of Iran and its diaspora by taking courses from disciplines such as history, political science, international relations, art history, religious studies, comparative literature, cinema, theater, and language. 

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Minor Requirements

Please consult the Stanford Bulletin for the most up-to-date information and requirements. The Iranian Studies specialization requires a total of 28 units which includes the following: 

1. GLOBAL 101: Critical Issues in Global Affairs (3 units)

2. One area-specific entry course that deals with Iran and the Middle East

  • The consent of the Director of Iranian Studies is required if students want to take a course on a subject matter that is not directly related to Iran. 

3. A minimum of 25 units of qualifying courses

  • 15 units must be from the list of core courses.
  • The remaining 10 units can be chosen from the list of approved elective courses.
  • Coursework must be letter-graded work, except where letter grades are not offered.
  • Students may not double-count courses for completing major and minor requirements.

4. Completion of two quarters of Persian language, or proven proficiency in the language

5. A capstone project (optional)

Students may work with the subplan advisor to develop a capstone project to count towards the unit fulfillment of the minor. Projects may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Research with units through directed reading under the supervision of the subplan advisor. Research may take place at Stanford or during a relevant study abroad program, and options may include regional fieldwork, creative arts projects, short films, etc.​​
  • Advanced language study beyond the subplan minimum requirement with units through directed reading under the supervision of the subplan advisor. Intensive language training may take place at Stanford, off-campus, or overseas.


How to Declare

  • Make an appointment with rparhad [at] (subject: Iranian%20Studies%20Minor%20) (Roma Parhad,) the Iranian Studies associate director, to review degree requirements and your study plan. 
  • Declare the Global Studies Minor in Axess. Select the "Iranian Studies" specialization from the dropdown menu. 
    • The specialization appears on the transcript but does not appear on the diploma.

Please Note: The Global Studies/Iranian Studies minor is only available for current Stanford undergraduate students.