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Stanford Iran 2040 Project

Established in 2016, the Stanford Iran 2040 Project is an academic initiative that serves as a hub for academic researchers all around the world, particularly the Iranian diaspora scholars, to conduct research on issues related to the future of the Iranian economy and evaluate their possible implications in a global context. The Stanford Iran 2040 Project encourages quantitative and forward-looking research on a broad array of areas relating to Iran's economic development in the long-run to forecast the future of the country under different scenarios. The initiative's core research includes economy, population, energy, water, agriculture, and the financial system.


The Stanford Iran 2040 Project is an academic initiative with the sole objective of promoting academic collaborations for studying various sectors of the Iranian economy and evaluating their global implications. We do not hold, advocate, or follow any political views or agenda. The contributors are selected solely based on their research skills and the center is not aware of, and not responsible for, the political views of its contributors and affiliates. Likewise, contributors and affiliates are not responsible for the political views of other contributors or affiliates. Stanford University complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including US trade sanctions regulations administered by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. The results and findings of the initiative are made available to the public with no exemption.