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Featured Publications

Migration and Brain Drain from Iran

Pooya Azadi, Matin Mirramezani, Mohsen B. Mesgaran
April 2020

Iran’s Large and Growing Financing Gap

Pooya Azadi, Matin Mirramezani
September 2019

The Scientific Output of Iran: Quantity, Quality, and Corruption

Sadra Sadeh, Matin Mirramezani, Mohsen B. Mesgaran, Amin Feizpour, Pooya Azadi
February 2019

A National Adaptation Plan for Water Scarcity in Iran

Pooya Azadi, Mohsen Mesgaran
August 2018

Central Banking in Iran

Razieh Zahedi, Pooya Azadi
June 2018

Iran’s Population Dynamics and Demographic Window of Opportunity

Farzaneh Roudi, Pooya Azadi, Mohsen Mesgaran
October 2017

The Outlook for Natural Gas, Electricity, and Renewable Energy in Iran

Pooya Azadi, Arash Nezam Sarmadi, Ali Mahmoudzadeh, Tara Shirvani
April 2017

Evaluation of Land and Precipitation for Agriculture in Iran

Mohsen Mesgaran, Kaveh Madani, Hossein Hashemi, Pooya Azadi
December 2016

The Future of Iran's Oil and Its Economic Implications

Pooya Azadi, Hassan Dehghanpour, Mehran Sohrabi, Kaveh Madani
October 2016