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A Conversation With Bahiyyih Nakhjavani: Author of "The Woman Who Read Too Much"

Mar 30 2015 - 18:30
Bahiyyih Nakhjavani, author of The Woman Who Read Too Much. "A gripping tale of a pioneering woman in nineteenth century Iran, told from the street level up, that is universally relevant to our times." Bahiyyih Nakhjavani grew up in Uganda, was educated in the United Kingdom and the United States, and now lives in France where she teaches. She is the author of The Saddlebag and Paper as well as non-fiction works about fundamentalism and education. Her novels have been published in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian, and Korean.

Isolation and Proliferation: Israel, America, and the South African Nuclear Weapons Program

Mar 10 2015 - 18:30
Sasha Polakow-Suransky is an Editor for International Opinion at the New York Times Op-Ed page, based at the International New York Times office in London. He is responsible for assigning pieces on foreign policy, national security and international affairs. Before moving to the New York Times in early 2011, he was a senior editor at Foreign Affairs from 2007 - 2011.Mr. Polakow-Suransky’s articles have appeared in The American Prospect, The Boston Globe, Foreign Policy, The International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Haaretz, The New Republic, and South Africa’s Weekly Mail & Guardian. His ...
Tehran at Twilight Book Cover

Tehran At Twilight/Tehran Noir

Mar 5 2015 - 18:30
SALAR ABDOH was born in Iran, and splits his time between Tehran and New York City, where he codirects the Creative Writing MFA Program at the City College of New York. He is the author of The Poet Game and Opium. His essays and short stories have appeared in various publications, including the New York Times, BOMB, Callaloo, Guernica, and on the BBC. He is the recipient of the NYFA Prize and the National Endowment for the Arts award. He is the editor of Tehran Noir and the author of Tehran at Twilight, his latest novel.

Recent Trends in Iranian Fiction Writing

Mar 3 2015 - 18:30
Aida Moradi Ahani was born in Bandaranzali, Iran, in 1983. She now lives and works in Tehran. She graduated in electrical engineering from Azad University (Tehran, Iran- 2007). Since 2005 she has been active as an essayist, editor and writer. Her first collection of short stories, The Pin on Cat's Tail, was published in 2011 (Cheshmeh publishers, Tehran). Her début novel, Golfing on the Gunpowder was published in 2013 (Negah, Tehran). She has collaborated with another artist to turn one of her short stories into a film script. Another of her stories has been selected and translated into ...

Revolution Street

Nov 11 2014 - 18:30
Amir Hassan Cheheltan was born in Tehran in 1956. He has published nine novels, six volumes of short stories, and a screenplay. In each he has tried to navigate the treacherous waters of censorship. In his writing, the issues of everyday life and survival in Iran are central themes. These lives unfold against the background of the country's unsettled history and the interaction of religion, state and modernization. Cheheltan's most recent novel Revolution Street, is his first major publication in German. The protagonist is an ambivalent plastic surgeon, specializing in hymen repair. The ...
Mohsen Kadivar

The Complexity of Leadership of Islamic Republic of Iran

Oct 30 2014 - 18:30
Mohsen Kadivar is an Iranian dissident in exile, public intellectual, Muslim theologian, Nanner O. Koehane Distinguished Visiting Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, visiting Research Professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University, and a global ethics fellow with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. His main intellectual interests and topics of publications include: Iranian Studies focused on post-revolutionary Iran, classical and modern Shi’a theology, legal theories and political thought, classical Islamic/Iranian philosophy, human rights and ...
Arash Khazeni

Sky Blue Stone: The Turquoise Trade and Eurasian Empires

Oct 14 2014 - 18:30
Arash Khazeni earned a Ph.D. in history from Yale University and teaches Middle Eastern and Eurasian history at Pomona College.  His research is focused on the imperial and environmental histories of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. His publications include Sky Blue Stone: The Turquoise Trade in World History (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2014), Tribes and Empire on the Margins of Nineteenth-Century Iran (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010), recipient of the Middle East Studies Association Houshang ...
Abolala Soudavar

Mithraic Societies: From Brotherhood to Religion's Adversary

Oct 9 2014 - 18:30
Abolala Soudavar completed his university education at the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (1963-67), Stanford University (1967-68) and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Pratiques, Paris (1980-81). As a businessman he was involved in Iran from 1969 to 1982, when he moved to the USA and established Mirak Inc. He was Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Tehran University from 1970 to 1977. He is/was a member of the Visiting Committee for Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York (since 1983), of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1978 to 1994), Centre for Middle Eastern ...
Mohsen Namjoo

Evolution of Iranian Rhythms

Jun 20 2014 - 18:30
Mohsen Namjoo is an Iranian artist, songwriter, singer, music scholar and setar (traditional Persian lute) player based in California. Born in 1976 in Torbat-e Jam, Iran, Namjoo began his musical training at the age of twelve, studying under Nasrollah Nasehpoor until the age of eighteen. In 1994 Namjoo began to study Theater and Music at the University of Tehran, where he was trained under Alireza Mashayekhi, Azin Movahed and other masters. Namjoo also studied Iranian folk music under Haj Ghorbane Soleimani. His unique music style resembles a patchwork of Persian classical poetry of Hafez, ...
Siah Bazi

In Search of the Lost Laleh-Zar, a lecture by Nasser Rahmaninejad; a film screening of "Siah Bazi", by Maryam Khakipour

Jun 13 2014 - 18:30
A lecture followed by the screening of Maryam Khakipour's film, "Siah Bâzi." Guests: Nasser Rahmaninejad and Maryam Khakipour Nasser Rahmaninejad, a foremost, celebrated Iranian artist started his career in theatre in 1959 Iran. In response to the authoritarian cultural policies and harsh censorship of the Shah’s regime, he founded his alternative, independent theatre group, Mehr in 1966. His group, which later changed its name to Iran Theatre Association, became very influential in the field, competing with other well-financed, state-sponsored theatre groups until it was closed down by the ...