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Alumni Spotlight: Sina Javidan-Nejad

Sina Javidan-Nejad

Sina Javidan-Nejad

Feb 28 2020

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Sina Javidan-Nejad, class of 2017, reflects on his time as an undergraduate student at Stanford. 

Tell us about your time at Stanford:

Stanford was a priceless experience. The opportunity to be surrounded by so many brilliant and energetic individuals was extremely rewarding. Naturally, the professors and the course offerings speak for themselves. Interestingly, what I most valued was the opportunity to be involved in many diverse communities: varsity athletics, student government, activism, and various student groups.

How did you minor in Iranian studies shape your understanding of the world and prepare you for your next steps?

The breadth of the curriculum in the Iranian Studies Program gave me a holistic perspective on Iran. For example, I was able to read the Shahnameh in Professor Emami's class, analyze films in Professor Beyzaie's class, and participate in engaging debates in Dr. Milani's class on Iranian politics.

personally believe Stanford's Iranian Studies Program is unparalleled in terms of faculty expertise, course offerings, event planning, and internships. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the program and am confident it will allow me to be a strong advocate for the Iranian community.

What is your favorite Iranian Studies-related story or experience?

One of the most memorable moments was debating the 2016 election candidates in one of my AMELANG (Persian language) courses with Shervin Emami. It was a rather vibrant, passionate, and informative debate. Even though I’m a fluent speaker, I was pretty amazed at how detailed and technical the political analysis gotit made me realize that we can all keep learning and improving our language skills. Professor Emami was instrumental in helping us all further develop our language skills, and enjoy the process of doing so.

Can you share any helpful advice for current students studying Iranian Studies?

Definitely take advantage of getting to know the professors in the program—they have a wealth of experience and expertise that they are more than happy to share. Also, the Iranian Studies events are always a great place to connect with people who are passionate about topics that you are interested in.

Tell us about your professional journey after leaving Stanford:

I’m Head Commercial Legal Infrastructure Analyst at Dropbox. I focus mainly on negotiating, drafting, and redlining technological transactions contracts. I’m currently applying to law school and aspire to counsel as an attorney in the tech sector.