Matin Mirramezani

Graduation Year
Matin  Mirramezani

Matin (Class of 2022) is studying economics at Stanford. He grew up in Iran and his passions for Iranian literature, art, and politics are rooted in his upbringing. He is expanding his connection to Iran through a minor in Iranian Studies. Matin is interested in applying his study of economics to development in Iran and has collaborated with the Stanford Iran 2040 Project. He is interested in economic policy, international affairs, and social change. He is always looking for new ways to approach research and improve policymaking, especially through the application of new technologies.
Matin has a deep passion for art history and is interested in how new media and genres are shaping discourse and dissent in Iran. He has tremendously enjoyed taking Proffesor Beyzaie's sequence on Iranian cinema and theatre. He looks forward to taking more classes with the Program in Iranian Studies.